Leadership and Team Management (online)

The aim of this module is to realize the principles of leadership that are needed for a good understanding of this topic. Recently, in practice, we see that we have a large number of directives bosses who do not have the leadership under the skin and do not want to have it, so in this module we will learn how to treat our subordinates and what principles to use in leadership and management decision making.

Lecturer of the study module

Ing. Yvona Charouzdová


In today’s business world we have an interesting number of people in leadership roles. The question, however, is how they succeed in leading teams of people. Recently, I see in practice that we have a large number of directive bosses who do not have leadership under the skin and they don’t even want to have it. But I am optimistic and I believe that the situation will soon change. For over twenty years, I have been working with top level managers to find the relevant answer to the question of who is actually the right leader. I have to admit that this long-term research has always brought me interesting findings over the years. When asked whether respondents see the difference between leader and manager, sometimes I get various answers – from professional to surprisingly naive. In the Czech Republic, the name of the position and the content of the word leader are often confused. So what is it about the leadership? Leadership is all about attitudes.

„Reason and quiet thinking are qualities worthy of a leader.“


  • difference between leader and manager
  • what do we expect from a good leader
  • the American Management Association model
  • how to create strong team
  • leader´s most imporant task


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