Effective Self and Time Management (online)

The aim of this module is to get acquainted with the development of time management, the philosophy of time management of the 4th generation and the tools and methodology of self-management in time.

Lecturer of the study module

Ing. Yvona Charouzdová


Time management (TM) is a collection of knowledge about planning and time management. In the module we briefly focus on the development of this area, get acquainted with the main concepts (mission, vision, values, goals, priorities, habits…), introduce the main TM tools, specific methods and techniques of planning and organizing time, describe the most common time thieves and show how to eliminate them. In connection with time management, we include the terms self-management or life management.


  • basics terms
  • development of time management
  • self-knowledge, leadership and management – time management of the 4th generation
  • self-management
  • Covey and his 7 habits


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