Myself Management (online)

To find your meaning, your purpose, and your path leading to them. This means to follow the lead of your inner compass.

Lecturer of the study module

Ing. Jana Puhalová


It is important to understand and know yourself and your purpose before becoming a good leader. Your meaning, your qualities and the path that is the best for you. Life is too short to waste our precious time and to fragment it into activities that are not in line with our purpose. Therefore, this module concentrates on our inner leadership. Stress management and time management loosely follow this topic only as a supplement to the first area of „I“. Because when we are solving the „I,“ everything else is being solved at the same time with it.


1. Why should we be interested in the inner leadership?

  •  what leadership and management can mean for us

2. Inner leadership

  • stress and a source of stress in managers
  • stress controll

3. Stress management

  • hamrmful stressful thoughts
  • burnout syndrome
  • ways to fight stress

4. Time management

  • time management concepts
  • generations of time management
  • balance and synergy
  • work / life balance


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